Maciej Wierzchucki, President, Major Investment Group: Acquisition, Renovation, Disposition and Management of Real Estate Investment Properties in Chicago and North and Northwest Suburbs Acquisition, Renovation, Disposition and Management
of Real Estate Investment Properties
in Chicago and North and Northwest Suburbs
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Major Investment Group, LLC is a real estate private equity investment firm committed to developing lasting relationships with clients. We help clients build wealth through quality real estate investments.

All of our clients receive a personal consultation with a qualified, licensed real estate investment consultant. During this initial consultation, we will identify goals and design an action plan to help you reach your real estate investment goals. We will also identify the best methods to purchase investment property.

Being true value investors, Major Investment Group adheres to strict financial parameters when analyzing properties for possible acquisition. We look hard to find off-market properties which provide a compelling back story. Each property must have a value-add component and be located in growth markets throughout the Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

We look for value first no matter if the market is moving up, down or sideways. We begin by identifying current market trends to accurately forecast an exit strategy. Building in a margin of safety allows for offsetting most unforeseen circumstances, and buying at a discount to current value builds-in the upside. ​

Our unique and comprehensive understanding of this region ensures we stay on top of market trends and move with scale and speed, when the market calls for it.

Once we have found the investment property to purchase, we will get all details for the transaction and prepare for closing. Major Investment Group staff will locate insurance and completing all necessary property management documents. We arrange and retain a closing attorney, who will be helping us finalize the purchase of your investment property

Once the closing on your investment property is complete, we begin the process of renovating the property. Our contractors will start the repair process immediately after closing and complete the within a specific schedule.


The renovation process plays a major role in the success of our business both on the front and back end of each deal. On the front end, it is important to sufficiently estimate the repair costs of the property. On the back end, it is important to stay within the given budget guidelines and renovation time frame. These important rules reduce the chances cost overruns. By staying in budget on the time frame that is built into each property's initial proforma budget keeps the deal profitability intact.

Once complete, we bring a full time in-house brokerage team utilizing its direct relationships with builders, developers, end users and investors. We work closely with an @Properties realtor to make sure the property receives the maximum market exposure. This market exposure allows outside realtors to bring only qualified buyers/renters.

Our goal is to sell or lease the property quickly in order to keep our holding costs down while maximizing our profits. The current market condition has made this strategy very attractive and profitable.  On a case by case basis we are also able to offer incentives to move the properties even faster

Our team provides professional property management solutions and long-term strategic planning services for both residential and commercial properties. At Major Investment Group, our goal is to help clients achieve their financial goals in both property performance and profitability.

With experience working on nearly every property type, from single family residential to multi-family developments, and mid-size buildings to urban 4-flats, our team oversees the operations of each asset, making certain the properties are running efficiently and that common areas and leasable space are in safe and marketable condition.



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